Boiler Cover | MyBoilerPlan

Boiler Cover | MyBoilerPlan

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The boiler is the heart of any home. Any kind of failure or breakdown truly is a home emergency.

Have you considered the impact a boiler breakdown would have on your average day? Let’s face it, we don’t give a second thought to our boiler whilst it’s working. But when we consider what would happen if it were to break down we suddenly realise how important it is to our everyday life. Particularly in the colder months we rely on our central heating and hot water more frequently than the remainder of the year. More so than many other aspects of our home, the boiler really is critical. If it fails, can you afford the call-out fees and repair costs?

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Most boiler breakdowns tend to occur in the colder months which is usually due to the infrequency they are used and maintained during the intervening months. This means boiler break downs are most likely when they are needed the most.

However with MyBoilerPlan it can offer protection in the event of a breakdown. The MyBoilerPlan is split into three levels of cover:

*  Optional £50 excess applies to this boiler and central heating cover policy.